Peripheral Intervention Roadsaver

The Roadsaver Carotid Artery Stent System is indicated for use in patients with carotid arterial atherosclerotic disease.


An innovative design

Lesion-specific scaffolding
Features the flexibility of an open-cell stent while outperforming the benefits of a closed-cell stent.

  • Nickel titanium (Nitinol) double layer micromesh design
  • Provides good wall apposition
  • Good in-vessel flexibility
  • Allows for side branch patency
  • Conforms to tortuous anatomies
  • In-vivo tapering of braided nitinol design conforms to tapered ICA-CCA segments

An evident objective

Four good reasons for choosing the Terumo Roadsaver:

  • 10-15% of all ischemic strokes originate from a stenosis inside the carotid artery
  • The majority of strokes occurs post-procedure (+/- 67%)
  • 66% of strokes occur after removal of the cerebral protection device because of plaque prolapse through stent struts
  • Double-mesh scaffolding avoids protrusion of plaque through the struts

Specific features

Fully re-sheathable and repositionable even after 50% of the stent’s length has been deployed.

  • 5-Fr rapid exchange delivery system
  • Low-profile makes the device crossable
  • Ideal for primary stenting
  • Smallest stent cell size (~ 375-500 μm)

Sustained embolic protection

From the time of Roadsaver stent implantation, the patient will be protected against ipsilateral distal embolization.

  • Designed to prevent plaque protrusion and emboli release after stent implantation
  • Double-layer micromesh designed to contain plaque to the vessel wall

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