Progreat® - Microcatheter

Terumo presents the Progreat microcatheter system, a technological breakthrough designed for controlled, precise, and selective therapeutic embolization and angiography in peripheral vessels.


Tungsten spiral coil
The tungsten coil protects inner lumen integrity and provides excellent kink resistance, allowing smooth delivery of all types of embolic materials. It also allows large inner lumen to achieve an optimal flow rate with high pressure (max. 900 psi/ 6.205 kPa)

Varied outer layer
The varied materials of the outer layer provide stiffness for transition towards the distal tip of the microcatheter, ensuring reliable trackability into narrow and tortuous target vessels

Fast flushing (coaxial type)
Prime at least 1 mL of heparinized saline solution through the coaxial wire port. Allow more than 10 drops to exit from the microcatheter tip. This activates the coaxial wire’s hydrophilic coating and lubricates the inner lumen of the Progreat

PTFE inner layer
The smooth PTFE surface provides virtually frictionless passage for exceptional precision in guidewire control and embolic agent delivery

M Coat™
Terumo’s famous hydrophilic coating facilitates navigation through vascular anatomy, helping to make Progreat a breakthrough in conventional angiographic practice

Three-layer structure
This original structure not only provides Progreat with its world-renowned resistance to kinking, but also enhances its radiopacity and distal flexibility for more precise catheter placement


Varied coil pitch
The varied pitch of the tungsten coil provides microcatheter tip flexibility, thus notably increasing its distal selectivity in tortuous and narrow vessels towards distal lesions

Optimal visibility
For rapid and precise positioning, Progreat contains three radiopaque components. The structure of the catheter itself is a radiopaque tungsten coil. A specific 0.7 mm platinum/iridium marker indicates the distal end. In the coaxial version, Progreat is delivered with a Radifocus Guidewire GT that includes a 3 cm gold coil at tip

Wire stopper
This device allows variable protruding length of guidewire and provides perfect control of stability and accessibility to the targeted lesion