Thanks to the slimline frame, an integrated O2 cylinder carrier, and the high-performance turbine, the HAMILTON-C6 can stay at your patient’s side for intrahospital transports.

The HAMILTON-C6 represents a new generation of high-end ventilators. The combination of modularity, ease of use, mobility, and advanced features allows you to individualize your patient’s ventilation therapy:
  • State-of-the-art ventilation modes for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients
  • Adaptive, lung-protective ventilation modes ASV® and INTELLiVENT®-ASV
  • IntelliSync+ real-time patient synchronization
  • High-performance noninvasive ventilation
  • High flow oxygen therapy
  • P/V Tool Pro for lung assessment and recruitment
  • Transpulmonary pressure measurement
  • Integrated IntelliCuff® pressure controller
  • Integrated HAMILTON-H900 humidifier control

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