Spirometry testing requires maximum accuracy and hygiene. Each turbine, which includes a cardboard mouthpiece, has been individually factory calibrated with a computerized system and it is packaged individually. FlowMIR® is an inexpensive alternative to a costly reusable flowmeter and replaces the need for an antibacterial filter. 100% hygiene guaranteed!
A full Spirometry session can be performed, including a Bronchial Challenge and POST Bronchodilator test. 
For each patient after the Spirometry test, both turbine and mouthpiece are thrown away.
The Ideal Sensor for Spirometry
• Comfortable Packaging
• Singularly Tested and Packed
• Always 100% accurate and hygienic
• No Calibration required
• No Sterilization required
• No Antibacterial Filter required
• No Cross Contamination
• Not affected by Vapour Condensation
• Not affected by Ambient conditions

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